New Regulations To Make Kickboxing Tournaments A Lot Safer

One year has passed since kickboxer Dennis Munson died. Dennis Munson died a few hours after his debut match as an amateur kickboxer.

Chael Sonnen Thinks CM Punk Is Unaware Of What He’s Doing

Chael Sonnen has said regarding CM Punk joining UFC that he is skeptical about whether the pro wrestler knows what he is doing.

Sonnen said that he doesn’t know if CM Punk will be able to fight a Mixed Martial Arts match but he said that it is known to him that CM Punk is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts.

Arnold expo to promote kickboxing talents

Australia is gearing up for the Arnold Fitness Expo that is going to be held in March. It is tipped to be a huge sport and fitness expo in and thereby the excitement surrounding it is also quite noticeable. Muay Thai and kickboxing encompasses a major part of the plan as far as sports are concerned. Amateurs from all across the country will be gathering to show off their kickboxing skills and a blend of the classical way of fighting along with new techniques of combat will be showcases by the athletes. Registrations have opened and the response has been overwhelming.

Hatton concedes Manny Pacquiao didn’t get best of him

Ricky Hatton doesn’t have too many regrets after having one of the most glittering and stellar careers in English boxing history but the one question that still bugs him in spite of the years in between is whether he could have beaten Manny Pacquiao at his peak. And the Englishman thinks there was a time in his career when he could have beaten the Filipino Bomber hands down.

Martinez eyeing fighting Gennady Golovkin

If all goes well with Sergio Martinez in his upcoming June fight against Miguel Cotto, the WBC middleweight champ is eager to fight WBA middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin in unification match.

However, to reach up to Golovkin, the Argentine boxer needs to pass the very ambitious Cotto with who he has his fight scheduled for June 7 this year. A failure here would render Golovkin bout completely meaningless for Martinez.

GLORY acquires K1’s kickboxing library

GLORY, the kickboxing promotion has acquired the rights to the vast archive of videos from K1 and this addition of the K1 archive makes the promotion the largest holder of archived materials of elite and professional programming of the sport.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing that originated in Thailand. Its origins can be most positively traced back to the Siamese soldiers being referred to as Muay Boran.

This variation of kickboxing developed as a martial art to enhance fitness and tolerance. This is also believed to contribute to personal development of nobility and self respect.

Karate Days

While looking for the origin of karate we come across the Pechin class of Ryukyuans who started a common system of fighting known as “te”. After the establishment of trade relationships with china, during the Ming dynasty along with their culture and commodities came the form of martial art today known to the world as karate.

Kendell Amadon Stuns Judges

Kendell Amadon is the new name in the arena of martial arts. He recently bagged the Muay Thai kickboxing match. He is a trainee at the fighting arts academy MMA gyms in Garnder and Leominister.

His performance led to the judges taking a unanimous decision after the three rounds of the match. A tall man with weight that he has, Amadon made complete use of his advantages and surprised the judges with a thunderous performance that showed how he overpowered his opponent using his strength.

Kickboxing betting tips

Today, sports that are part of the martial arts family have increasingly grown in popularity. One of these is the sport of kickboxing. Kickboxing is a mix of martial arts and stand-up combat sports.

The sport is derived from sports like karate, Muay Thai and Western Boxing. There are two main forms of kickboxing, Japanese and American. The Japanese form has developed into what is referred to more commonly as K-1. Given the increased popularity of this sport, naturally more people also bet on the sport.